In order to satisfy the customer higher bandwidth requirements, twisted-pair uplinks are substituted with fibers . Cosequently, the available twisted-pairs are used for remote power feeding, one or two twisted-pairs per eight-channel eNET FTTx device, depending on its dislocation from the Central Office.

We are designing two versions of the eNET FTTx device: the one with eight ADSL2+ downlinks (eNET FTTN), and the other with eight VDSL downlinks (eNET FTTC).

For longer customer lines, reaching 2000+ meters, or for less bandwidth demanding customers, we propose eNET FTTN:









For shorter customer lines, spanning a few hundred meters, or for more bandwidth demanding customers, we offer eNET FTTC:










Both eNET FTTx platforms use our standard networking, protocol and management features, and function as intelligent access/distribution nodes for providing standard telecom services (voice, data, video).




























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